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IRS Wage Garnishment Help

IRS Wage Garnishment | IRS Wage Levy

A wage garnishment is an IRS tax levy that forces tax payments towards unpaid back taxes.  The IRS instructs an employer to collect part of their employees’s paycheck and, remit it directly to the IRS.  Employers usually comply with wage garnishment orders since, the IRS holds them responsible for payments.  Wage levies remain in effect until, full payment of unpaid back taxes.  Wage garnishments cause taxpayers unnecessary embarrassment since, the IRS notifies payroll employees about unpaid tax debts.

Removing and Stopping Wage Garnishments

Taxpayers may remove wage garnishments by making payment arrangements with the IRS.  In the same way, a taxpayer has an opportunity to prevent garnishments by engaging into a payment plan.  In addition, the law requires the IRS follow strict guidelines before applying garnishments.  Successfully removing wage garnishments requires experience and knowledge, due in part to, the complexity of a taxpayer’s situation.  As a result, it is important to hire a back tax professional to review your case.

What You Should Do About Wage Garnishments

First of all, you should understand the IRS has attempted to contact you regarding your unpaid back taxes.  Since, you didn’t make any arrangements to pay back your tax debt, the IRS had no choice but to garnish your paycheck.  Wage garnishments causing financial hardship, are good candidates for removal.  However, proving hardship is no easy task and, requires careful planning and documentation.  Inexperienced requests are likely to be denied and will take more time to resolve.   Time you probably don’t have since, your paycheck is smaller.  It is highly recommended that you hire professional help when dealing with wage garnishment problems.  They have the skills and experience to accomplish the job on the first try.  We have back tax pros standing by to assist you with wage garnishment issues.  If you need help, call or click today.

IRS Wage Garnishment Help