Tax Lien Help

What Is A Tax Lien

Tax liens are a legal claim to assets by federal or state tax authorities, against a taxpayer.  They are applied to taxpayers who have not paid their back taxes.  The idea is to force taxpayers to pay their back tax by blemishing credit reports and blocking the sale of real estate.  Tax liens will eventually result in some type of tax levy (seizure of assets & income) if the lien is left unpaid.

Removing A Tax Lien

Unless the federal tax lien was filed by mistake, the only way to remove it, is by dealing with your back tax debt problem.  An arrangement needs to be made to resolve your back tax issues, before the lien is released.  The IRS, through the Fresh Start Initiative, offers options for dealing with back tax help.  Most common tax settlements that remove tax liens are:

  • Offer In Compromise (OIC)Federal Tax Lien Help
  • Installment agreements
    • Streamlined Installment Agreements
    • Guaranteed Installment Agreements
  • Amending Back Tax Returns
  • Bankruptcy

For more information on 3 common tax settlements.

Preventing Tax Liens

Preventing a tax liens follows the same actions for removing a tax lien.  The IRS wants you to pay your back taxes.  You don’t necessarily have to pay them in full to remove the tax lien.  You can arrange payment options over time with the IRS Fresh Start programs.  For more information on IRS Fresh Start Back Tax Help

Most importantly, deal with your tax problems sooner than later.  Pay attention to the IRS notices and take action before a tax lien is filed.  If a IRS or state tax lien is filed, removal will not eliminate the history of the tax lien on your credit report.  Read More about 2 Ways To Remove A Tax Lien Off Your Credit

Professional Help With Tax Liens

Dealing with a tax lien can become a complicated process.  You might not even owe the full back tax amount the lien holds claim on.  It is important to review the back tax return in questions and look for errors and omissions.  You might end up not owing the IRS anything.  Get free back tax professional help today.  (Ask A PRO)