What If, I Don’t Pay Taxes?

A Utopia With Out Taxes?

Anyone who owes back taxes wants the same thing; they don’t want to owe back taxes.   I certainly would never blame anyone for wanting to hold onto their cash.  I can definitely think of other places to spend my hard earned money.  Come to think of it, aside from legal reasons, why am I paying taxes?  I suppose I know a few good reasons, but I have never explored them.  Let me start with a better question.  Would the world be a better place without taxes?

At first glance, I like the idea for no taxation.  Who doesn’t want more money in their pocket?  I could afford to be carefree with my spending and maybe upgrade some things around the house.  I could work less and afford to retire sooner.  Also, I would definitely be traveling all around the world.  However, there is the big question we must answer.  What would the world look like without public services?

A World With No Public Services

The first thing that stands out to me are, public roads and freeways.  Who would pay for them?  How do you get around on dirt roads driving a “not-so-rugged” hybrid.  Who pays the electric bill for the street lights and signals?  Would we just have brighter headlights and stop signs carved into rocks?  Think about all the resulting road rage cases.  Policing that would be a nightmare, right?

Wrong!  With the absence of law enforcement, we wouldn’t have court cases.  Who is going to pull over the bad drivers, and arrest violent criminals?  I imagine there are some people out there who wouldn’t mind holding a trial under a tree.  The world would look a lot like The Walking Dead show, with the exception of the zombies being dead!  Trust me, I would take the first plane out of my big city as fast as possible.  I would rush straight to the airport and find it isn’t there!

That’s right!  How could there be an airport with no public servants?  Aside from carting around passengers, airlines carry tons of cargo.  Your nice smartphone, computer and smart watch, were offered to you at reasonable prices.  Fast and inexpensive shipping plays a large role in the prices of the goods we consume (wave to goodbye Amazon.com).  Without airports, we would probably see another doomsday scenario like we saw with the big banks in 2008.  Come to think of it, our scenario would be far worse than the Great Recession of 2008, because there would be no acting government to deal with this crisis.

Show Me The Taxes

I could continue to list the calamities caused by repealing taxes, and I probably will in a later post.  The fact is, I would NOT want to live in a world without taxes.  It is frightening to imagine the absence of just a few public services.  A lack of roads, police and airports, would alter our world for the worse.  So should I run down to the local IRS office and pay extra taxes?  Not quite, I think the current tax system works.  Even with the flaws in our tax system, I can still find solace driving through my neighborhood safely and buying the cheap groceries our taxes afford us.

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  • Fantastic post. This was a great read and made a lot of sense for those of us who didn’t think about a world without public servants who are paid from tax dollars. 👍🏽


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